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  • Angelic Reiki
    "I was blessed to meet Deborah in beautiful Alvor. Thank you for your care and healing when I needed it. You are blessed with healing hands. I highly recommend Deborah to anyone needing healing and spiritual help." - Thigambry, Alvor, Portugal
  • Angelic Reiki 1&2 Workshop
    "Deborah provided 3 days of beautiful ceremonial and divine energy. The perfect place to receive the gifts of the angels. Deborah is the perfect channel for this energy. I am taking away the Angelic loving and healing energy forever." - Rachel, Silves, Portugal "Deborah was very knowledgeable and lovely to be with. Absolutely loved connecting with the angels. What a reassurance to know they are with me. Thank you." - Debby, Lagos, Portugal "This workshop was very powerful. Deborah was an amazing teacher. She explained everything in detail. I feel like I have the knowledge to begin my journey with the angels to help heal." - Jane, Alvor, Portugal "Excellent workshop, so many lessons, so powerful. I am so happy to have had this sacred experience with this very special and gifted lady." - Lillian, Alvor, Portugal "Deborah really knows her material and enthuses positivity which is encouraging for us beginners." - Paul, Portimão, Portugal
  • S.O.U.L. Guidance Reading
    "I was lucky enough to have a reading done by Deborah when I felt I was in need of some answers to help relieve some emotional burden I was feeling within myself. I was pleasantly surprised by how enlightened and reassured I was, not only did I feel comfortable to open up and speak freely, the answers I received back gave me a better understanding of where my life was going to take me next and what I need to change in order to get to where I needed to be. I found this in particular very helpful as it highlighted an outstanding issue I’m yet to resolve. I was given ways of healing and cleansing from past situations to ensure I would not bring the same energy into my future. Deborah’s calm and gentle nature radiates throughout making every session a safe place to connect on a deeper spiritual level." - Aisha, London, England "Deborah is most certainly a free spirit, her spiritual encounters in literally all corners of the world have clearly enriched her gift. My consultation was truly enlightening, Deborah allowed good time to fully navigate a reading using her intuition with a broad assessment using cards. Be prepared to be interactive with Deborah’s mentorship, as she will assist you to affirm your personal intentions that will eventually guide you to free your own spirit." - Gavin, London, England "Deborah is an authentic, natural healer with a beautiful way of making you feel special. Her easy going fun nature helps you to feel at ease immediately and her empathetic and listening skills ensures a trust that allows you to open up more fully. Deborah is always the first port of call when looking for natural remedies, she has amazing esoteric knowledge. I would highly recommend a healing/ soul session with Deborah FreeSpirit." - Yvonne, Irvine, Scotland (Soul Guidance)
  • Soul Guidance Reading and Saraswati Healing™️
    "I had a mind-blowing session with Deborah in July. I booked the session with her not really knowing what to expect the life changing moments I was going to have with her. She absolutely stunned me with very detailed personal information that resonated with me. There were multiple times during the session where she stopped to clarify the messages she was receiving. She provided me with so much insight for my business and the journey that I am meant to be on. A really special mention for the healing session she did with me, all I can say is WOW! I will be having many more sessions with this wonderful and supportive woman and I recommend that you do as well." - Gaby of Splash Trends, London, England "I had a Soul Guidance and Healing session with Deborah. It was an informative and liberating experience. I did not know what to expect, but I was open to this new experience. I was in period where I felt I needed some answers. Deborah was able to tap into my questions, without me really having to ask her … she has a real gift of interpretation of the messages she received through the cards, and she was able to guide me to what I had to do. The day after my reading, I felt a real shift in my being, my fears seemed to have disappeared and I gained a sense of inner peace and confidence. I highly recommend you reach out to Deborah for her services." - Darryl, Paris, France "Deborah is a gift from the heavens. I met her in Bali during my panchakarma journey. She was incredibly helpful in helping me shift from major depression, trauma, and hopelessness. She had several messages for me and was able to perform reiki and a technique used to clear traumas from my timelines. These sessions I will always hold with me and I am forever grateful. Thank you so much Deborah. I highly recommend your work!" - Britt, Bali/USA "I have known Deborah for a long time and was very interested in reading about her healing adventures and deep transformation she went through throughout the years. She gifted me a session for Christmas. Her Soul Guidance sessions are a combination of a deep reading and some light but powerful healing. The reading she did for me was spot on and the healing I received through the Oracle Cards was magical and very much needed. Gentle yet strong, light yet deep, spot on and very insightful - this is how I would describe it. Deborah is holding the space for the healing powerfully and strongly. I can highly recommend her sessions to everyone." - Anna, Italy "I was fortunate to receive a Soul Guidance and Healing session with Deborah via Zoom. I was not really sure what to expect but wow the soul guidance resonated on so many levels. Deborah has a calm and intuitive way of working, discussing sometimes sensitive and personal issues with you and I felt safe to openly discuss these with her. The healing work felt deep and powerful and I connected to the Goddess Marangi whose wisdom has touched me. Deborah is a wonderful and intuitive soul and I highly recommend her work to everyone." - Teresa, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Saraswati Healing™️ Crystal Masters 333 Workshop
    "I was part of Deborah's Crystal Masters 333 workshop. It was a very powerful workshop where I was able to release some deep emotions from the past. It brought up a lot of issues that I had hidden and the work we did during the day really helped me to heal the wounds. The Ascended Master that we chose was Kuan Yin. We could feel her loving presence all around us. Deborah shared some vital tools we need in everyday life especially this year! Deborah is a fantastic teacher, she explains everything in detail. She is so loving and kind and I am excited to do the Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 training with her soon." - Jane, Alvor, Portugal "Deborah while my Heart is so full. A mere thank you doesn’t say what I feel in my Heart. The time was so precious like the most wonderful Gift. The workshop was so enlightening and sacred too, given by the most Amazing Host, from my Heart I thank you Deborah." - Lillian, Alvor, Portugal
  • Saraswati Healing™️ Goddess Isis Workshop via Zoom
    "The healing was absolutely incredible. It got to the very core of my being. This has transformed my life. The energy was beautiful. I was bought back home, to myself, to my heart. It felt like Deborah was holding my hand through this important healing journey. I highly recommend Deborah. She is divinely gifted. I felt safe and supported during my healing as Deborah creates a loving environment. The messages received and cleansing was absolutely essential to my soul. I am now able to walk with confidence and an over-flowing heart again." - Dionne, London, England "This was a wonderful and uplifting healing session held by Deborah. It felt so special to enter such a sacred space within the Great Pyramid in Giza where Anubis was very much present throughout. Thank you Deborah for holding this space for us all." - Teresa, Edinburgh, Scotland "This was the first Saraswati Healing I had attended. I knew it would be a powerful session however it exceeded all expectations. As soon as we begun, I sensed the atmosphere change around me, a sense of calm and peace swept over me. As we continued on with the session, I felt these powerful energies come into play one by one, sensing their warmth around me. The space Deborah had asked us to create had me totally drawn in, nothing else existed around me except Deborah's calm voice and the space we had created. When the session was over, without even talking about my problems I felt like I had just come out of a therapy session. The session gave me this overwhelming sense that everything was going to be Ok, and my worries and anxieties seemed not so bothersome anymore, it was like I had become an observer rather than participant. It wasn't until 4 days later that it must have been divine intervention as I found out this morning, I had been made redundant but Instead of blind panic, I found within me this strength of trust that everything happens for a reason and my time must be needed elsewhere." - Tina, London, England
  • 12 Week S.O.U.L. Transformation Healing Programme
    "I’m extremely grateful for the guidance and support I received from Deborah over a period of 12 weeks; especially during such challenging times when one’s anxiety or sense of self changes. Deborah never rushed through any of her sessions. The attention given allows you to navigate thoroughly through any feelings associated with emotions/trauma/stress from the past and even in your day to day life. The tools I have learned in these 1-2-1 sessions have helped me resolve issues. It also helped me provide the support to guide my child with her own personal trials. I am so thankful for this experience and I know that I can continue on with Deborah in various ways to grow spiritually." - Cherida, USA
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