Darryl Rodrigues, October 2020, France

On October 22, 2020, I did a Soul Guidance and Healing session with Deborah… it was such an informative and liberating experience. I did not know what to expect, but I was open to this new experience as I was in period where I felt I need some answers. Deborah  was able to tap into my questions, without me really having to ask her… she has a real gift of interpretation of the messages she received through the cards, and she was able to guide me to what I had to do. The day after my reading, I felt a real shift in my being, my fears seemed to have disappeared and I gained a sense of inner peace  and confidence. I highly recommend you reach out to Deborah for her services, I know that she could help you find the answers to what you might need to know within yourself.


Paul, November 2020, Portugal

I attended Deborah's training for Angelic Reiki, level 1 and 2, back in November 2020. As I work myself within the healing world I was very happy that Deborah was able to accommodate my request to have the training on a weekday, at a time that suited my own client work. I am also a qualified trainer and therefore I know how the process of adult learning works and what doesn't work. I was therefore impressed with how Deborah presented the material, her patience and support around my learning on this very new subject matter. On the practical side I had plenty of opportunities to practice the new techniques, not just on myself but on others, whom Deborah had invited to be my first 'test' clients. My certificate is a work of art, with the most stunning colours and imagery. And the training manual is very informative and easy to follow. I certainly recommend this course to anyone who is completely new to the world of healing or has had some experience already, purely because Deborah skillfully adapts the training to suit the current awareness of her students. The training has certainly enhanced my own self healing and the healing of clients.


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This workshop was very 


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