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Saraswati Healing?

What is

Saraswati Healing™ is a healing modality created by Alana Fairchild.  It is named in honour of Goddess Saraswati, who presides over voice, language, healing, art, music, education, spiritual empowerment, manifestation, and awakening. She is the goddess protecting the throat chakra and encourages us to live and express our truths. 


In the workshop, sacred space is created so that deep meaningful healing can take place.  We will be using oracle cards, meditation and introspection, to dive within, releasing all that no longer serves us at this time. 

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"The healing was absolutely incredible. It got to the very core of my being. This has transformed my life. The energy was beautiful. I was brought back home, to myself, to my heart. It felt like Deborah was holding my hand through this important healing journey. I highly recommend Deborah. She is divinely gifted. I felt safe and supported during my healing as Deborah creates a loving environment. The messages received and cleansing was absolutely essential to my soul. I am now able to walk with confidence and an overflowing heart again."


Dionne, London, England (Goddess Isis Workshop)

"Deborah while my Heart is so full.  A mere thank you doesn’t say what I feel in my Heart. The time was so precious, like the most wonderful Gift. The workshop was so enlightening and sacred too, given by the most Amazing Host, from my Heart I thank you Deborah. "


Lillian, Alvor, Portugal  (Crystal Masters 333 Workshop)

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