‘Deborah FreeSpirit,’ is a natural-born intuitive and healer. She is remembering the ancient ways of her time in Egypt and Lemuria as a spiritual mentor and healer, using this wisdom and knowledge to guide and support others on their soul journey so that they too can acknowledge their true essence of their being.


‘Deborah FreeSpirit’s,’ soul journey began in the mid-’90s after training in Usui Reiki. This sparked her interest in wanting to learn more about how she could use her gifts to support others. She then undertook further training as an Advanced EFT Practitioner, Life Coach, International Law of Attraction Guidance Coach, Vitali-Chi Practitioner, Angelic-Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner. Her training eventually led her to establishing a part-time business at home seeing clients for coaching and healing sessions.


In 2016, having spent her entire life in London, Deborah FreeSpirit moved to Scotland and it was here, where she trained as a shamanic practitioner. This deepened her connection to spirit and her guides as well as experiencing inner peace and witnessing the magic of Mother Nature.

Deborah FreeSpirit, known as Huna HiMaTua (Hee-ma-too-ah) “The Knowing”, is an insightful Wayshower, an International Law of Attraction Coach, Firewalking Instructor, Shamanic Practitioner, Angelic-Reiki Master, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and an International Best-Selling Author of the hit book, The Law of Brand Attraction 2.

Deborah’s soul journey began after taking part in a 10-day Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru, where she discovered her past life in Ancient Egypt.

Once the inner work of uncovering her authentic self began she realised she could no longer live in London and moved to The Trossachs, Scotland in 2016, deepening her connection to her team of Spiritual guides.

On her quest for freedom, Deborah has travelled globally for 11-years visiting sacred sites, attending retreats and receiving powerful activations, whilst working with a Shaman in Peru, Hopi elders in Arizona, and Māori teachers in New Zealand. Hopi’s are devoted practitioners of the shamanic way, who are believed to have one of the oldest living cultures in the world. They are deeply spiritual people with rich storytelling traditions.

With over 35-years’ experience, together with wisdom and knowledge gained from past lives, this has shaped Deborah into the enlightening spiritual guide she is today. 


She has become a much sought-after spiritual guide internationally, supporting clients through her signature system, The S.O.U.L. Transformation Healing programme, using a unique process for healing, spiritual empowerment, manifestation and awakening to create Spiritual Oneness with Universal Love. 

Deborah’s work is based on authenticity, integrity, empathy, insightfulness, and her pursuit of freedom.

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Surrounded by the beautiful energies of the Scottish hillsides, in 2017 Deborah FreeSpirit was given clear guidance to embark on a soul journey that would unfold as she travelled. With all her belongings in storage and a one-way ticket in her hand, she set off visiting sacred sites in Mexico, Egypt, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, New Zealand, America, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Scotland, England and Portugal.


During her travels, Deborah FreeSpirit attended retreats, met, trained and worked with some great teachers including Hopi elders in Arizona and Maori teachers in New Zealand. At each of the sacred sites, she received deep activations and healing so that she could step into her role and lead others as a spiritual WayShower and healer.


Embarking on this soul journey has been life-changing for Deborah FreeSpirit in a magical way. Now after over 30 years of her own transformational work and advanced training, she is ready to support you on your soul/spiritual journey.


Let Deborah FreeSpirit show you the way to allow you to step into your true ESSENCE and emerge as the beautiful BEING of light as it is time for you to remember who you are.