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What is

FreeSpirit Relax Kids?

Since the age of 8, I have had the vision to work with children. In 2014, I trained as a Relax Kids Coach. After completing my training, I realised that if I was to work with children, I needed to take a journey and go deep within to heal the childhood traumas that had kept me caged since the age of 5. 


Soon after my mother died in 2015, my healing journey began. It was a very intense time in my life as dark childhood traumas started to reveal themselves. Each time I thought I had a breakthrough, another trauma would surface.  

In 2018 while on my healing journey worldwide, I was grateful to be in New Zealand, where I worked with a Māori teacher, Awhitia, who helped me release the final piece of trauma. It took me another two years to heal completely.  

I am now ready to be of service to the children. I am working with children 7-10 years old globally, creating calm, confident children to overcome anxiety, stress, anger, and inherited limiting beliefs/fears.   

My 6-week program, “Reach For The Stars”, is based on Relax Kids 7-Step techniques. This program will help children experience effective and practical techniques for relaxation. It will help them manage anger, anxiety, and stress to become more resourceful when facing the challenges of daily life and get them ready to start creating and manifesting their dreams.

1:1 Sessions in person and online.

Group Classes Coming Soon!

Licensed Relax Kids Coach since 2014

DBS Approved (Last Updated 2022)

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