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S.O.U.L Guidance Reading


Cost: £60 for 45 Minutes

(Online or Face to Face)


What is a Soul Guidance Reading?

In this session,

Deborah FreeSpirit connects intuitively to her higher consciousness.

You will:

1) Understand what is currently happening in your life right now and what needs to shift energetically.

2) Receive guidance, wisdom and inspiration in this intuitive and empowering session to support you.

3) Shift your energy ready to make positive changes in your life.

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"Deborah is a gift from the heavens. I met her in Bali during my panchakarma journey. She was incredibly helpful in helping me shift from major depression, trauma, and hopelessness. She had several messages for me and was able to perform reiki and a technique used to clear traumas from my timelines. These sessions I will always hold with me and I am forever grateful. Thank you so much Deborah. I highly recommend your work!"


Britt, Bali/USA

"I had a Saraswati Healing and Soul Reading from the lovely Deborah FreeSpirit. Wow, Wow, Wow .... this energy was so powerful and intuitive. Deborah was spot on with where I am at and where I am going with my life. Truly one of a kind. Would give it 10 stars if available. Thank you for putting the faith back into my soul."


Ann, Scotland

"I had a Soul Guidance and Healing session with Deborah. It was an informative and liberating experience. I did not know what to expect, but I was open to this new experience. I was in period where I felt I needed some answers. Deborah was able to tap into my questions, without me really having to ask her … she has a real gift of interpretation of the messages she received through the cards, and she was able to guide me to what I had to do. The day after my reading, I felt a real shift in my being, my fears seemed to have disappeared and I gained a sense of inner peace and confidence.  I highly recommend you reach out to Deborah for her services."


Darryl, Paris, France

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