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45-Minutes:  S.O.U.L Guidance Counselling (Face to Face))

£88 for 45 Minutes (via Zoom)


What is a Soul Guidance Counselling?


In this session, Deborah FreeSpirit uses a specific deck of cards to connect with Mother Mary, whom she has fortunately been working with since the age of 5.


The session will support and help you, especially if you are currently:


1) facing a difficult time in your life;


2) confused about where you are at, perhaps require clarity to know if you are on the right track; or


3) spiritually awakening and requiring guidance and direction.


The channelled guidance Deborah receives will help you gain clarity and a deeper understanding of what is happening so you can find inner peace and balance in your life.

45-Minutes: S.O.U.L Guidance Counselling (Face to Face))

  • Please Note

    We will contact you once payment has been received to book your 1:1 Session.

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