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Quantum Frequency Healing (3 Sessions In Person)

Since 2015 my health has been my priority after losing my mum to cancer. I became intrigued with complimentary therapies and knew it was the way forward. So I used my body as an experiment to discover the therapies that could help my body, mind and soul heal naturally.  Not everything worked, but the ones that did, I dedicated my time to learn more about as well as train in those modalities so I could help others on their healing journey.


The complimentary therapies helped me heal my migraines, IBS, menopause symptoms, anxiety and depression. 


NOTE:  a minimum of 3 sessions must be booked to experience any type of improvement or change.

Quantum Frequency Healing (3 Sessions In Person)

  • Please Note

    We will contact you once payment has been received to book your 1:1 Session.

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